Dogs Helping Dogs

Dogs helping the sponsorship of a guide dog puppy, a charity drive was born. I had set out the beginning of this year to give something back, I'm a firm believer that dogs aren't just pets; they are companions who help us when we go through difficult times, they make…

Liggies in die gras

Or, directly translated: Little lights in the grass. I've always wondered why I didn't have the patience to learn how to draw, but actually, I don't have patience when I'm working on anything that involves delicate movements of my fingers and hands. Yet I've always had pictures in my head,…

Taking photos of “weird” things

Why would you take a photo of that?! Why is this even a thing? I've been struggling with this question for, I think, years. This question, asked by a person who is a figment of my imagination, has stopped me from taking photos like this. Photos I now regret not…

Why flowers aren’t pastel

I have a love hate relationship with selfies and how I see myself in the mirror never reflects on camera. Going through what can be described as artist's writer block of sorts, I've realized that without a platform to express my creativity and self, it has taken a toll on my mental health. So I'm launching a series of art pieces reflecting my recent inspirations and appreciations. "<strong><em>Why flowers aren't pastel</em></strong>" I can't wait to share these with you. ♥️ [gallery ids="1107,1106,1105,1104,1103" orderby="rand"]

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Creative Projects

In order to be open to creativity, one must have a platform to express it. My projects are aimed to both expand my knowledge of art, and express it.

My projects are to express the creative elements I draw in from many inspirations I see around me.
Armed with my camera, mood boards, and creative editing tools, I hope to explore my creative muscle.