Penny Mini Session

Penny and her best human friend braved the crisp, cold morning air to be our very first session.
The dogs helping dogs sessions were held to sponsor a guide dog puppy with the South African Guide Dogs Association

Kiki’s Debut Puppy Session

Kiki and her human friend-best, braved the crisp winter morning on the 18th of June, to get the most delightful beach portraits. We had a ton of fun capturing her spirit! This was a puppy package for Kiki, so we are looking forward to seeing her again for her 1 year birthday shoot next year!

Milla’s Debut Puppy Session

Meet Milla, the cutest little French Bulldog puppy, she made her debut to the world on this misty autumn morning, we had a tonne of fun playing on the beach! This was a puppy package for Milla, so we are looking forward to seeing her again for her 1 year birthday shoot next year!


Elvis Mini Session Shoot

Lara, Hannes and little Elvis braved the early hours to do a sunrise beach mini session.
Elvis is a little French Bulldog, a breed so dear to my heart since we have two of our own. These curious/brave critters are widely popular here in Cape Town, and you can see why, he really turns up the cuteness factor!
Elvis had a tonne of fun running around on the beach, with lots of treats and lots of play, it was a great success.

What are Mini Sessions?


What is a mini session?

A mini session is a short 20-minute photography session, held on a specific date. It is held on one date because I take a couple of bookings and do them at the same location. Usually, with a 10-15 minute break and transfer between sessions.


How does the session work?

During the 20 minute session, I have my camera in my hand, and we have a casual chat while I take your photos. We take lots of photos at this session and aim to make the most of the session. Roughly 1-2 weeks after your session, you will receive a link to choose your 4 photos out of 15-20 possible photos.


Is 20 minutes enough time?

You would be surprised, but yes, it gives loads of time for great pics. With pets, owners are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes early so the pet can get accustomed to the new environment.


Why do I only get 4 photos?

Your mini session package price includes 4 photos, but, you will be offered 15-20 photos to choose from. Should you want any additional photos, they can be purchased. Printing options are also offered.


Other packages charge more than double this price, why are these so cheap?

Remember, when booking a package, many aspects go into the pricing, (more on that in a later blog post). The prices are so low because the session time and pictures received are less than a full session. Low pricing never means low quality.


Why should I book a mini session?

Mini-sessions are great if you aren’t ready to commit to a full session. Being able to choose 4 photos out of 15-20 ensures you choose YOUR very best favourites.


How do I book a mini session?

Give me a shout here, and I will contact you shortly.