Liggies in die gras

Or, directly translated: Little lights in the grass.

I’ve always wondered why I didn’t have the patience to learn how to draw, but actually, I don’t have patience when I’m working on anything that involves delicate movements of my fingers and hands. Yet I’ve always had pictures in my head, pictures that I wish I could draw. Luckily, one day I got a camera, and realized that I can create pictures, I don’t have to draw them.

Since putting my photography business behind me, I have been making an effort to focus on art and how to artistically expressing myself, I’ve joined a photography club, and I’ve been going all “hippie”.

My first month at the photography club they had a themed entry competition. “Scapes”. I chose to hit the road one very early Saturday morning, armed with my camera, and a mission. Take one picture. No direction, no idea, just get in my car, pick a direction and stick to it.

Now to take a picture, I can pick up any camera, aim it at something, and then just click away, but to take a picture, and try to show a memory, what inspires you, or a feel of “how I see the world”, is something quite different. You need inspiration, you need to take into account what’s been swimming in your head the last while, and you need to try to get that as inspiration.

I drove out to Stellenbosch, took an offramp, and then took a road showing Franschoek. By then the sun started coming up, and I notice the grass on the side of the road, this was one of the first images I captured on the day. I spent the rest of the day driving up and down dirt roads to make dust for my pictures, being stared at as being this weird girl who drives up and down a dirt road and gets out of her car and snaps a few pics, only to do it again.
I ended my day with a coffee and a breakfast croissant at a filling station, staring at cyclists and bikers. Good day.

Liggies in die gras

I love this photo, just because it’s colourful, it shows things are just beyond the horizon, but they are also beautiful where you are now.
I got a rating of 12/15 which is a gold for my level. Extremely happy with the result and that it scored so high on my very first submission. Hopefully not beginners luck