Taking photos of “weird” things

Why would you take a photo of that?!

Why is this even a thing?
I’ve been struggling with this question for, I think, years. This question, asked by a person who is a figment of my imagination, has stopped me from taking photos like this. Photos I now regret not taking.

In this digital age, everyone has a camera on hand, with loads of storage, absolutely no one is stopping you from taking the photos you want.

Make no mistake, if you are a professional wedding photographer or professional photographer in general, your clients aren’t going to appreciate your artistic take of “cigarette buds on the grass” as part of their coffee table book. – doesn’t mean you can’t keep it in your own stash.

There will always be someone who tells you, that the photo “sucks”, or that it could have been done better.

I have been to the MOMA, and the folk who ask the above question, are the ones saying: “Wow, this is art?! – I could have done this!!” They don’t see meaning, they just see a picture. They don’t really look at something, they just… assume.

Case and point. This photo.
This was done on purpose, slow shutter speed, blurry to a point where it looks like double exposure.

Why? – Because to me, it shows my little girl does NOT lie still in her cot, she is ALWAYS squirming. How am I going to take a still, perfectly sharp photo, indicating what I want to remember? – exactly.


In my opinion, the only bad photo, is the one you didn’t take. The one you couldn’t. The beauty of photography, is you being able to take a picture, and being proud of what you have captured.