Blogging 1-0-1… actually blog

I love the idea of blogging.

I always imagine sitting in a room flooded with natural light, sitting on a laptop and typing. With mandatory coffee with foam art and some sort of pastry at the ready – while always seeming to eat something, be as thin as a rake…


When in fact this is not even remotely true. Blogging is for lack of a better description, amateur journalism.

It consists of fact-finding, photographing, taking notes and ultimately sitting in bed frowning at the laptop at all hours of the morning trying to get stuff done and making sure there aren’t any typo’s or grammar mistake.


I love the digital age in that we have all sorts of mediums in getting our thoughts and ideas out there for others to absorb at their leisure. Finding like-minded individuals sharing at least some of your interests.

I’ve now really, and really now, decided to start expanding my brand as a blogger. My hopes are to just get this going and start providing meaningful content on this, somewhat dormant at this stage; website.


So now the tagline…

Bye friends?

Love always?

God my neck hurts?

Thanks so much for reading?

ugh… just bye from this digital person called Annelie