What makes a good creative?

A question I’ve been asking myself for a very long time.

Am I creative enough to be considered creative? – Are my inspirations really just ideas that I copy over and make my own? – Do my designs really reflect what I want them to? – Do the design elements I choose, really create emotion in those that look at them?

These are questions I’ve asked no matter what I create. Be it a website design, a photograph, and shortly in a custom knitting pattern. I’m always bothered by my creations and if they are good enough to show to other people. Never mind even selling the ideas to paying customers.

I think every creator has gone through a stage of self-doubt and endless mind troubling thoughts of inadequacy. – Thoughts that sayings don’t fix:

“Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter five”

What happens if it is my chapter five, I’m sitting with a creative block, and I’m looking at someone’s chapter one and going: “wow”?

Why not just:
Hey, you’re feeling like crap about your ability to create new content, just don’t. – okay?

And then somehow that makes you feel mysteriously better – wouldn’t that be amazing?

This is not a post about how you can follow my six step program and you won’t feel like this. It’s not even trying to be a motivational post.

It’s the ramblings of a frustrated creative. A creative who drives in her car, sees so many creations in her head pass her by, becoming more frustrated at not being able enough from a mental perspective, to pull the hell over and act on what I want to create.

Not all life is a still standing image you see driving past it, with music playing to emphasise a mood.

Frustrations as to being in the most beautiful city of Cape Town, over saturated with talent all challenging to express themselves. More often than not, this city feels like the epitome of how surrounds can be so beautiful it makes you hopeless that you can’t express it.

This is a blog post to let you know, that you are not alone. Out there – more often than not, is another creator, sitting and doubting their ability to express themselves. There are creatives staring out the window of their office job, wishing they could create full time. There are full time creators struggling to make ends meet.

And you can be sure there are many creators feeling frustrated that their job occupation isn’t being taken seriously.

This 31 year old, software developer possesses the ability to sit and scratch her head and google algorithms until they make sense. – Still gets called a hippy when you explain why watercolour looks “runny”.

This is a blog post which is an invitation to reach out, talk to me, rant, ramble – tell me what you’re going through.

I’m not going to inspire you, or motivate you to do greater things. – But I can listen, and try to understand.

I’ll add a contact us page to my page, hit me up.

And PS – What makes a good creative? – there is no such thing. There are items you have created representing something about yourself… You don’t owe anyone anything to say whether it was good or not.  – You don’t owe anyone anything.