LYS – Little Yellow Sweater

Or in my case, little Blue sweater – Part 1.

Knitting blogs are boring; let’s change that.
I love colour; I love playing with colour schemes. And listed on the website, this colourway reminds the dyer of denim colours and the perfect companion to wearing with your jeans, and that’s what’s fantastic about colourways, and, dare I say it, art.

These colours, ranging from dark blue tones to white sections, paired with hot pink speckles, and rust coloured additions remind me of the very last rays of a magenta sunset over a dark blue ocean. I am almost picturing a storm on the horizon. Displayed below is what I saw when I bought it.

stormy sunset over beach in North sea, Zandvoort aan zee, Netherlands

“But Annelie, why in God’s name are you telling me this when knitting is for old ladies?”

True, gran-gran really can churn out beanies and baby blankets like nobodies business. The epitome of our knitting community is lagging what I see in America and Europe. In that, the designers are OUR AGE. And they are designing absolutely gorgeous knitwear.

Samples, here:
Andrea Mowry-
Caitlin Hunter –

“Annelie, why in God’s name are you paying for patterns???”

Because these designers do this as a source of income, if we stop buying their stuff, they’ll stop making them. That’s why. Man up, pay for the pattern.

“Annelie, good LAWD why are you paying so much for yarn? – You’re paying R200 a skein, and I can get a ball of wool for R20?”

We South Africans have this knack of calling all pieces os string, wound up into a ball, “Wool”. If you’re paying R20, you’re not buying wool; you’re buying plastic.

I have NO hate to those who buy acrylics and cheaper yarn because it’s their preference or all they can afford. But understand the price difference, merino wool costs more.

All projects start with a plan. And sometimes, these projects jump the queue, very much like the projects you will experience in real life.

My LYS started with the yarn I already had in my stash. When I saw this pattern released, I bought it immediately. (I bought two by accident, but that’s another blog post).

Sometimes yarn and a pattern are just a match born in heaven, and you don’t know it.

I like my humour the way I like my coffee, dark, and fake.

Project details:
Pattern – LYS by Andrea Mowry
Yarn – Quotidian, 100% Merino singles by Miss La Motte
Technical information – I’m winging it.

More details in my next part, released – whenever.
Just go knit something, – Annelie