LYS – Little Yellow Sweater – Part 2

Knitting blogs are boring, let’s try and change that – take 2.

Oh for crying in a river, Annelie – are you still on this?

Yes, I am, and thanks for coming back.

Part 2 in my LYS colour series, if you want part one, go here.

When I pack on a big project (It’s a big project for me, okay? – shut up) there’s a lot of commitment asked, a lot of hours that’s going to go into this project. So I typically delve into the colour, and to talk about colour is to talk about the dyer.

Picking up where we left off, I pretty much just discussed the feeling I had towards the colour scheme I chose for this project – which is Quotidian by Miss La Motte.

When I saw this colourway, I just had to have it, there were five skeins available, and I bought all of them on the spot. The next day, I got my yarn with a lovely handwritten note from Karen, saying that if I ever need anything, I just had to shout. – It was the start of a beautiful friendship. – Since then, I have been to her studio twice, every time in awe of how beautiful these skeins are.

Karen is an artist in more ways than dying yarn; she is also a painter; her paintings are on display at 99 Loop, and in a way, I see her artistic style reflecting in the yarn colours she creates.

Her Immersion II is still one of the most disturbingly beautiful art pieces I’ve seen. – See, this blog isn’t just about knitting.
Her last exhibit can be seen here.

The Pattern:
LYS – by Andrea Mowry.
Now, this lady makes shawls look sexy again. All her patterns beautifully photographed and are flattering modern designs.

This sweater looks gorgeous in yellow, and because I am obsessed with that colour, I originally bought it to knit with that colour in mind. And to say I bought this with a specific colourway in mind would be a lie because the yarn came first in this story. The match just came naturally here that I moved to use this yarn for this pattern.

This pattern is worked flat (knit row by row, the technique you would typically associate with knitting) and starts with the sleeves knit first, which is a firm bonus because usually knitting the sleeves last sucks.

The image below shows my knitwork of two sleeves. And how amazing this yarn is when knitting up. I still am getting a feel of sea storms on it, with white peaks on the waves. I’m envisioning wearing this top with a denim skirt.

The sleeves are the same size – I promise

Shameless plugin to more of me, I am on Ravelry! – It’s a super cool site that allows you to manage your knitting or crochet projects; it’s free. And you can see real-time progress of all of my projects here.

Project details:
Pattern – LYS by Andrea Mowry
Yarn – Quotidian, 100% Merino singles by Miss La Motte
Technical information – I’m winging it.

More details in my next part, released – whenever.
Just go knit something, – Annelie