Hi, and welcome.

Welcome to my virtual stoep. (Veranda) – where we sit and listen to birds and faint music, sip a favourite beverage, the cool Cape Town breeze on our faces causes us to have to put weights on some stuff so it stays put. But it makes for the perfect temperature and ambient sound as we listen to leaves rustle in the trees.

My name is Annelie, an obsessive knitter and yarn collector. I like all colours but sunflower yellow speaks to me. I love to dye roving and spin yarn. Which results in me having more handspun than I know what to do with.

So here I am, opening up my stoep to you – to enable you to use, experience and enjoy handspun.

I have wild crazy curly hair, and my favourite fragrance is cedarwood. My yarn colours are all scent inspired and with so much of my energy going into making them – are a reflection of me.


I am most active on Instagram, if you feel like reaching out – give me a follow and let’s be friends.