Dogs Helping Dogs

Dogs helping the sponsorship of a guide dog puppy, a charity drive was born.

I had set out the beginning of this year to give something back, I’m a firm believer that dogs aren’t just pets; they are companions who help us when we go through difficult times, they make us laugh.

And in the South African Guide Dogs Association’s case, help us humans when we can’t see, help comfort children with Down Syndrome, and so much more. This organisation stands for everything I believe in, that dogs are truly there to help us humans understand how to live.

Not a lot of people know this, but GDSA relies solely on sponsorship and is a non-profit organisation.

The concept of the drive was simple. Book a mini session, and the full session fee would go towards sponsoring a guide dog puppy for a year. We were aiming to raise R5000 for this. And our first charity event date was born.


Cape Town – 24 Sept

Along with this drive, Dog’s Life sponsored two Retro Lounger beds as part of a competition and marketing to get this event the exposure it needed. The response was overwhelming, with the day booked out completely!

Humans and their best friends woke up early, drove far and participated in us taking their portraits, all the while sponsoring an amazing cause. These sessions can be seen here:

Lilo & Juno







I don’t normally stand in front of the camera; to me it’s a scary place to be.

But for this initiative and message, I am more than happy to do so. On behalf of my team, SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind, and Dog’s Life – we would like to thank all the participants of yesterday who got up early, drove from far away, bared the cold morning air, and allowed us to make Dogs Helping Dogs 2016 possible,


You helped raise a whopping R2100 to help raise and train a guide dog puppy. This puppy will in turn, one day help someone in need.

I was humbled and so honored to meet so many new fur friends yesterday. Thank you so much!

In the picture above, I am joined by Avril from SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind who came out yesterday to help and personally thank the participants. – Annelie Coetzee

All the while this was happening, we were being inundated with enquiries from another location, so many, that we eventually couldn’t turn them down anymore…

Johannesburg – 12 Nov

Along with this drive, Dog’s Life sponsored another round of amazing prizes and goodies! – Including another two Retro lounger beds, another round of marketing – and 50% of our flight tickets!

We were completely booked out for the day in record speed! – We ended up doing NINE sessions during the day. We were so humbled to meet so many new faces and loved doing each and every individual shoot. These sessions can be seen here:

Apollo & Khaleesi
Hugo & Coco
Lyla & Gucci
Billy & Ouma



We set out this year to create Dogs helping Dogs, a campaign to support a SA Guide-Dogs Association puppy. This puppy would be trained to one day help someone who had lost the gift of sight.

We were taken aback and truly humbled when we saw the response received after we announced we would be taking DHD to Johannesburg.

We were granted a beautiful sunny shooting day on Saturday. Holding this event for nine dogs in total, we really saw the spirit of Johannesburg come out.

On Saturday, you guys truly humbled us, by raising an additional R2250 to aid in sponsoring this puppy!!!

As with Cape Town, where we had Avril from SA Guide-Dogs Association present, we had the amazing Venessa from Dog’s Life come out and show her support. Dog’s life generously sponsored two retro lounger beds, and marketing to help create awareness for this event, and for this we will be forever grateful!

From myself, Charl – my ever patient assistant. Dog’s Life and the SA Guide-Dogs Association – THANK YOU!!! – Annelie Coetzee


Cape Town, who had raised R2100, and JHB who raised R2250.

Annelie Coetzee Photography sponsored an additional R650 to reach the final, golden number.


R5000 was indeed raised to sponsor a puppy for a year!

We would like to once again say thank you to everyone who came out and supported this amazing initiative!

Dogs helping dogs will return in 2017