Second Chance Series

A series set out to showcase dogs who had been in a shelter for too long…

Lizahn Prinsloo asked me one day if I could take some portraits of dogs who had been at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Epping for too long. And the second chance series was born.

Second Chance Series

We started our Saturday at the Animal Anti-Cruelty league in Epping, and took portraits of over 20 dogs. Dogs who had been confiscated, rescued, and strays. We worked with each of them individually and really learnt what massive personalities they had.

Templates were added to these portraits, that would highlight all the details of each specific dog. These templates were proudly sponsored by FriendshipCollar and really made an impact to their photos.

We ran the second chance series on social media, showcasing each individual dog with their story and we were overwhelmed by the response!

If you would like to see the amazing dogs featured, please click here.

Feedback received:

I have just spoken to Robert our Adoptions officer and he says he has been getting great feedback from clients regarding the photo campaign. He confirms that a lot of people have come through because of the gorgeous photos. Thank you and thank you again!

There is no doubt the effect these pictures have had! Thank you all for your time and support! -Mpho Hlalele

Assistant General Manager